Supplying first line support for manufacturers, dealers and end users of all major Global Navigation Satellite System dependent equipment.


System planning, design and installation either at factory or on farm of all machine monitoring and control equipment.

Service Plans

Offering a range of service plans to suit all scales of operation and competency, we can ensure you have access to the level of support you demand, on demand.

Today, with increasing technology and automation, we at Nick Abbey Digital Agriculture focus on what we believe is the most important element within the sector of the digital age, support. It is instrumental to your goals, your deadlines and your profitability that you have the necessary support available to your organisation, and with our knowledge, insight and tenacity we will ensure that you succeed.

Our complete focus is on the support, the purchase is easy, it’s keeping it going that matters. With the constant evolution of technologies such as ISOBUS, mechatronic automation and emerging GNSS constellations driving perpetual software and hardware updates, it’s unlikely that the systems you offer or operate will remain untouched for the entirety of the machine they are assigned to. Whether the change is initiated by yourself, by the system manufacturer or by a fault, who will you turn to when you need assistance?

With a decade of experience in precision agriculture and more than three decades of involvement in agriculture and electronics you can rest assured that you’ll be partnered with a company that not only understands the systems we are working on, but understands the situation that you are in.



Positioning and data link service and support ensuring robust, modern data transfer between field, decision maker and machine. CloudBase is fundamental in asset positioning GNSS corrections and maintaining contact with remote sensors and unmanned machines.


Make sense of yield maps, drone imagery or use the most advanced satellite data to create prescription plans along with many other features using our on-line platform. It’s the key to digital agriculture management.

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