We enable automation and remote control of your farm.

Today, with so much choice of machine automation systems, online platforms and farm management software, we at Nick Abbey Digital Agriculture, are focused on profit. focused on how the digital revolution can increase it.

Farmers are the lifeblood of the agriculture industry, so it is vital that financial gain is realised. With over a decade of experience in precision agriculture and more than three decades of involvement in agriculture and electronics, we now have a firm understanding of which technologies are cost effective when aimed at farm ‘efficiency.’

Being independent, we aim to offer impartial advice and solutions tailored to growers needs to drive  business forward, automating machines, processes and infrastructure. Our goal is to put accurate vital decision making data and control at your fingertips. Work with us and we will ensure your farming business is equipped effectively.


The essential component to businesses everywhere today, DataFi offers remote connectivity for cellular devices by using network roaming SIM cards, from point of source (no dealers). Network roaming is a must in rural areas to ensure machines remain connected in challenging terrain. As field sensors, trackers, remote control and access becomes a requirement, cellular connectivity is needed for IIOT OEM’s, dealers and end users. As well as being a key stone within Abbey Industries, DataFi sells to many businesses across many other sectors.

Automates and streamlines farm business management. Twyne is a crucial component for farming in the 21st century, automating field records and documentation such as documents necessary for food standards and traceability. Twyne ensures that profitability is calculated to the penny per field, removing accounting errors. Machine learning utilises data sets from multiple farms to automate decision making for chemical and fertiliser applications. Additionally Twyne offers a sales marketplace for farm supplies, which as well as offering another revenue stream, automates farm records and provides data insights.

Providing control systems to OEM machinery manufacturers. With over 15 years at the forefront of agricultural machine control, Autonomi designs and develops electronic control systems for agricultural machines aimed at machinery manufacturers. Autonomi is developing tailored, next generation, connected systems, enabling manufactures to keep watch on machines in the field to increase development speed, offer more efficient, effective support and monitor usage.


We have put together a growing collection of videos covering the ever changing world of modern digital agriculture, systems overviews and guides.

How data-driven farming could transform agriculture | Ranveer Chandra

Microsoft researcher Dr. Ranveer Chandra discusses his team's mission to reinvent rural agriculture. Using cost-effective Internet of Things applications, Chandra outlines how providing wide-ranging crop data to farmers can reduce time, money, and resources while simultaneously increasing crop yields; a potential solution to future worldwide food shortages.