How data-driven farming could transform agriculture | Ranveer Chandra

Microsoft researcher Dr. Ranveer Chandra discusses his team's mission to reinvent rural agriculture. Using cost-effective Internet of Things applications, Chandra outlines how providing wide-ranging crop data to farmers can reduce time, money, and resources while simultaneously increasing crop yields; a potential solution to future worldwide food shortages.

Farmer Interview with Joe Gordon – FarmTRX Yield Monitor

Ontario-based custom-farmer & dairy-farmer, Joe Gordon. Joe tells us about his 2018 season, what his experience with the FarmTRX yield monitor & yield maps has been like, and what he plans to do with his yield data.

FarmTRX Retrofit Yield Monitor Install

FarmTRX Retrofit Yield Monitor Installation Guide

FarmTRX Web App Tutorial

A tutorial explaining how to use the FarmTRX Web App. This video covers creating field boundaries, uploading your data, re-calibrating your fields after upload, and exporting yield data.