Ensuring optimal output from every input is now key to survival in agriculture. Gone are the days where growers can boast about their business purely on yield as margins become more significant. Being able to create input placement prescriptions, in recent years has developed in to a specialised sector itself, mainly as the platforms to create such data are so complex or non-compatible with the range of equipment on the farm.

For many, making data informed decisions is difficult. LinchPin aims to address this through a non-native, mobile tool that allows you, the grower to input, interpret and manipulate information quickly and produce valid prescription work plans for your campaigns.

The Key components of LinchPin currently are:

    Satellite images

    • Sentinel
    • Landsat
    • Rapideye
    • SAR
    • Change Detection
    Growth models

    • Cereal Growth Stages
    • Predicted Tuber Size
    • Harvest Date
    • Predicted Quality
    Drone images

    • Image Processing
    • RGB
    • DJI Phantom
    • MicaSense Red Edge
    • Sequioa
    • VARI
    • Digital Height Models
    • Plant Counting
    • Canopy Cover
    Disease models

    • Blight Risk
    • Septoria
    Yield and crop sensors

    • Root Crop
    • Cereal
    • N Sensor
    • Topcon CropSpec

    • Soil Sampling
    • EMI Scanning
    • Variable Rate Maps