LinchPin is our digital platform centric to telemetry. On the journey to autonomy our first priority is being able to monitor where things are now and what their current status is in as near real time as possible. Using a web app, LinchPin offers this with mobile machines and implements with future plans for livestock and infrastructure. In our final phases of testing, our aim for harvest 2021 (Q3) is to offer the following.

Real time vehicle monitoring, including:

  • Map Position
  • Map Direction
  • Speed
  • Fuel Level
  • Engine status – Temp, Loading, Fuel usage
  • PTO Status

Implement status

  • Tank Level
  • Target rate
  • Actual rate
  • Master/Work switch status
  • Section status
  • Real time map 'As applied'/Yeild/Protein
  • Load weight
  • Nutrient value output map

Keep checking in for more updates, features, and integrations.