Data exchange is the key to remote monitoring and control. As farms increase in size current forms of data transfer become difficult to maintain. UHF radio RTK has specific limits as does running USB sticks and flash drives to machines when times are busy. To enable the progress of information exchange and remove physical constraint CloudBase is here to assist with modern ways of moving data between informers, decision makers and machines.

Current CloudBase services are:

  • Our own RTK Real-Time Kinematics NTRIP (Network Transfer of RTCM (Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services) via Internet Protocol) GNSS Correction Service.
  • Installation and support of data links, including wide area wireless data, gateways and remote internet access to enable field sensors to feedback information to the hub.
  • International network roaming SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in RTK to maintain a constant data flow, regardless of location. More often than not, cellular signal is available, but coverage differs greatly between the network operators. Our SIM cards negate the possibility of been left without cellular connectivity as they operate across all networks.
  • IOT installation and maintenance is a service we offer to manufactures to deploy and support your products in the field.
  • Indoor real-time positioning and tracking system installation. As farming begins to move indoors and underground we can offer you the technology and support, allowing centimetre level tracking and positioning of assets away from GNSS signals.