The UK’s Leading RTK Farming Software Specialists Conquer Denmark!

A leading RTK farming software provider has sealed a deal to supply their products on the Danish market after months of negotiation.

The deal sees CloudBase RTK sell their Base Station Network and state of the art integrated platform to a Danish franchisee who will then sell the software licences in their name in a white-label deal.

Upon completion of the deal, Operations Director Sarah Wright stated:” It is an unbelievable opportunity for Cloudbase RTK.

This allows us to expand our Base station network and develop relationships with a main dealership network. The deal with our Danish business partner is only the beginning of us expanding our business into mainland Europe. There are many more markets we would like a presence on.”

The Initial stage of the deal achieves complete coverage of Denmark with 33 Base station kits. The Base stations are completely designed and developed in-house by CloudBase from PCB upwards,  by the CloudBase development team and run custom firmware, also developed by CloudBase, for optimised remote control and monitoring. All elements of the hardware are designed and assembled in the UK.

The CloudBase Mk4 Base station tracks all GNSS constellations and frequencies enabling support for the latest auto-steer systems as well as legacy equipment. The new Base station from CloudBase has remote power management and monitoring with UPS in the event of mains power failure. The kit comprises of everything an installer will need to fit the station and full software setup and site surveying is done remotely by CloudBase.

RTK stands for Real-Time Kinematics. RTK is a technique used to improve the accuracy of a standalone GNSS receiver. Traditional GNSS receivers, like the one in a smartphone, could only determine the position with 2-4 meters (7-13 feet) accuracy. RTK can give you centimetre even millimetre accuracy.

GNSS receivers measure how long it takes for a signal to travel from a satellite to the receiver. Transmitted signals travel through the ionosphere and atmosphere and are slowed down and perturbed on the way. For example, travel time on a cloudy day and in clear sky conditions would be different. That is why it is difficult for a standalone receiver to precisely determine its position. RTK is a technology that solves this issue.

Repeatability is important as it allows farmers to accurately map their fields and place vehicles in the same place year after year. Whilst this paves the way to full automation in the future, for now it means operators can run tasks with reduced stress, reduced fuel, optimised work rates which all culminates in reduced work costs.

CloudBase RTK is a leading provider of RTK solutions for agriculture and has set up one of the largest networks of base stations in the UK. Their success is such that they have expanded their business into Denmark with their sales team working on deals for the company to enter further European markets.