The new Evo NIR sensor features multiple communication protocols for connecting the analyser to Dinamica Generales’ indicators as well as all virtual terminals on the market.
The Evo NIR sensor can be seamlessly installed on different machines for analysing and tracking the quality of crops, slurry, bales, up to the control of animal nutrition.

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  • The Evo NIR Analyzer with ISOBUS protocol can be connected to any virtual terminal with built-in ISOBUS task controller
  • The Evo NIR Analyzer is also equipped with CANJ1939 protocol.
  • NIR Evolution Software: provided as standard with the purchase of Evo NIR analyzer enables:
    • initial verification of your NIR device.
    • keeping your analyzer always up-to-date (update of calibrations and firmware).
    • reliable predictions thanks to the constant alignment between your NIR analyzer and test lab
  • Evo NIR can be associated to the following Dinamica Generales’ indicators:
    • NIR On Board
    • Field Scale
    • DG8000-IC (available soon)
    • Virtual Terminals
  • Versatile like no other: the Evo NIR Analyzer can be installed in different type of machines in the market. From Balers, Combines and Forage Harvesters up to Slurry Tankers and Compactors.
  • The Evo NIR sensor increases the efficiency of daily work, speeds-up the return on investment and allows collecting data into the DG Big Data Cloud platform for the generation of prescription maps and cattle feeding programs specific reports to support decisions.
  • Managing Evo NIR with the NIR Evolution Cloud software makes your work more efficient and sustainable.
  • Never wait for moisture tests or lab results
  • Leave out guesswork from your daily farm practice

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