Structured in a manner to offer a holistic foundation to modern and future agriculture needs, we currently operate across three divisions, each specialising in key areas, covering hardware, software and data transfer.


Nick Abbey Digital Agriculture

Instrumental in leveraging optimal use for the end user and delivering qualified support to manufactures and dealers, this is the machine control area, offering:

  • Service, support, installation and supply in conventional machine application rate control, section control, auto steering systems and implement control for all systems and at all levels, including manufacturer, dealer and end user.
  • GPS correction support and installation of GNSS RTK base stations outputting through UHF radio and NTRIP, as well as NTRIP conversions and rover modems.
  • Bespoke hardware and software to manufactures for new projects, such as; wiring, installation and specification of all components, including; actuators, power supplies and graphical user interfaces.
  • Indoor and vertical agriculture systems maintenance and support.
  • IOT (Internet Of Things) support for field sensors and data links.
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) support for all systems, including power unit and power transmission through to software and data links.
  • ISOBUS support and compatibility consultancy.


Vital to decision making, this is the crop monitoring and data handling platform enabling growers to remotely monitor crops, create prescription applications to variably apply crop inputs and then build up a service history of their land, enabling future decisions to be better informed.
The key elements LinchPin offers are:

  • Satellite imagery
  • Drone Image processing
  • Weather data
  • Yield data processing
  • Data storage
  • Prescription map creation according to tramline orientation and implement width
  • Growth Models
  • Disease models

By having our own platform, we are able to bridge a gap that an end user may have. Training and support services are also available to other software developers if required.


CloudBase is our positioning and data link division which will be pivotal going forward in machine learning and control.

CloudBase offers:

  • RTK Corrections
  • Installation and support of data links, including wide area WiFi, gateways and remote internet access.
  • International network roaming SIM cards
  • IOT installation and maintenance
  • Indoor real-time positioning and tracking system installation and support

Support contracts offered for all the above for manufacturer, dealer and end users.

Finance and payment plans available